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About Us

Welcome to Bluffscape Amish Tours in beautiful Lanesboro, Minnesota. We are excited that you have found us and hope that you take the time to explore the Southeastern Minnesota culture we have to offer you. Here is our story.

The Beginning

2005, Dave & Joan Ruen began their new business venture in Lanesboro. Joan taught high school business part-time and wanted to start a small business. Dave works full time in agribusiness, but fully supports Joan in the operation.

We both were interested in framing and decided that custom framing and a small art gallery would be a great fit for the Lanesboro community as it is known as one of 100 Best Small Art Towns in America by author John Villani.

Almost a year into the business we decided to add instant digital photo processing as a service to the community. The photo kiosk saved people a trip out of town for quick and easy photo service.

A New Addition

November 2007, we purchased Flaby's Amish Tour business. Gerry had wonderful tours with the Amish, and we thought it would be fun to carry on Flaby's professional Amish tours. Vern, Eric, Rory, Doug, and Joan are our excellent, knowledgeable, and friendly hosts that guide the tours. Dave is great with people and looks forward to a few Saturdays for his turn as the tour guide.

After much thought and with mixed emotions, January 31, 2010, we closed the art gallery and gift shop, but continue with the Amish tours. Thank you to our gallery artists and customers, we had fun serving you!

The Ruen Family

David, Joan, Meredith, Kirsten, and the late Andrew Ruen make up the Ruen Family.

David is a native of Lanesboro. He is employed in the agribusiness industry and you may see him guiding a tour occasionally on Saturdays. Dave has lived in various places in the midwest due to his career and is now settled back in his hometown.

Joan was raised in northwestern Minnesota. Joan moved from the flat Red River Valley to the rolling hills of the Bluff Country. She appreciates the beauty of both the open prairies of NW MN and the bluffs of SE MN! Joan enjoys guiding the Amish tours and getting to know the Amish families and the guests on the tour.

Our Reservation Specialists

The friendly staff at Stone Mill Hotel & Suites in the red Feed Mill building in Lanesboro will be taking your reservations for Bluffscape Amish Tours. They are glad to take your reservations and answer questions you may have about our tours.

To contact us for a Bluffscape Amish Tour please call (507) 467-3070

BluffScape Amish Tours
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